BGCG – MuddyUp 5K Run

BGCG – Muddyup 5K Run – The Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich Connecticut decided to run their annual Muddyup 5K run on the Kintera Thon platform. BGCG turned to TLR to in order to achieve the best Muddyup 5K website on the planet! – TLR’s Kintera Template brings life to the Kintera Thon platform – it even includes a funds-rasied tracker in the form of a runner who races to the finish line as the funds-raised increases! The event was a complete success, raising $84,577!  That’s $34,577 over their goal of $50,000!


  • Company: Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich Connecticut – MuddyUp 5K Run
  • Technology: Friends Asking Friends – Kintera Thon
  • Host: Striking Web Solutions by TLR / Kintera Thon
  • Link: http://bgcg.kintera.org/faf/home/