New Vision Nutrition – Order Fulfillment System

The New Vision Nutrition team has come together to make the first nation-wide diet plan in which the customer is receiving fresh bought and prepared meals that are designed to meet his/her particular goals. New Vision Nutrition contracted with Striking Web Solutions to bring their product fulfillment operation to the next level. With additional partners in mind, fulfilling orders across multiple partners becomes a challenge when orders are scattered across multiple systems. Striking Web Solutions, leveraging the APIs available from Magento, built a 100% custom order fulfillment system that reaches out to all partner websites & brings in orders in realtime. Armed with all orders & customer information in one spot, New Vision Nutrition can now easily fulfill customer orders from a variety of partners as well as their own store all without leaving the comfort of their own fulfillment system.

  • Company: New Vision Nutrition
  • Technology: PHP / MySQL
  • Host: Striking Web Solutions by TLR
  • Link: Internal System